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Updated on January 13, 2022

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The Pondathon is back!

2022 greeted me with some very good news—the Pondathon is back!

I joined the Pondathon in 2020 and I had so much fun. There was character creation and a whole lot of activities that made reading so exciting. When I found out that the readathon is coming back this year, I decided to join in the fun with no hesitation at all!

So, let this post serve as my official sign-up post to this year’s Pondathon II.

Before anything else, here’s what you have to know about the Pondathon.

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What Is The Pondathon?

Pondathon II is a year-long gardening-themed readathon hosted by The Quiet Pond! For more information about Pondathon, read the Readathon Information Post or check out the Pondathon II Portal.


At the Pondathon, the main task is to just read any book and in return, you get plants and flowers to decorate your garden. Special tasks are also available for some special rewards!

However, before all the reading, make sure you have your character first. Here’s mine—Munchie!

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Meet Munchie!

Munchie, The Treat Collector is based off my dog, Munchie. She’s the cutest, clingiest, cuddliest dog ever—and she loves her treats. She’ll be my Pondathon II companion and I hope we succeed!

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Pondathon II: First Quarter Progress

The Pondathon is mainly divided into four quarters and I’d like to have a way to track them all here at my blog. So here’s a quick look at the books I read, the rewards I chose, and a photo of my garden so far.

Book TitleDates ReadRewardRead for Quest?Quest Reward
Happily Letter After01/10 to 01/11Lavender
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Thank you for checking out my Pondathon reading journey. If you have some questions about this fun readathon, please feel free to comment below or check out the resources available at The Quiet Pond!

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