My 2021 Bookish Resolutions (11 days late but well~)

It has been 30 days since I was last seen at the confines of my little corner of the Internet. I have to admit I took more than I can handle this past year and I was so crazy to even attempt doing Vlogmas in my Booktube channel. It was really unfortunate that the overwhelming feeling did not give me the best ending of the year — but hey, here’s another chance to try again!

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Let us all welcome 2021 in my wee blog, albeit 11 days late!

2020, admittedly, was the worst year for the most of us. And for some weird reason, it also felt like the longest and the shortest year at the same time.

Though it was, personally, a ✨good reading year✨ for me — I was able to finish 187 books. (Wrap up post coming soon, maybe?) Admittedly, it was the worst reviewing year. Until now, the list of books I’ve read that I haven’t reviewed yet has reached 99(!!!) titles (excluding the 2021 ones).

That being said, I know there’s not really a requirement that you have to review every single book you’ve read. However, it is my way to check on my reading progress and take me back on ✨that special feeling✨ I had when I first read the book.

So.. to help me get back on track, maybe. Here’s a set of 21 bookish goals (or resolutions, if I may) that will help 2021 be a better year for my reading self!

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~ reading goals ~

πŸ“– Read 104 books for the year.

For 2021, I am repeating the challenge I set for myself the previous year. With my plans to be more critical towards the book that I would pick, I think setting up 2 books per week would be my safest bet. I don’t want to work myself up too much with high numbers, especially with my current job and maintaining all my bookish platforms.

πŸ“– Read 4 ARCs per month.

If there is something that I deeply regret in my bookish journey, it is the requesting spree I did when I first started in Netgalley. I did not know how hard it would be to catch up on reading books and now, I am still 80 titles behind for reading and 5 titles behind on reviewing.

This specific target will help me towards getting at least half of them this year, but I’m hoping to go over all of them if possible.

πŸ“– Read 3 Physical Books per month.

I recently did a bookshelf reorganization and I found out that I have 200 physical books I have not yet read – some of them I’ve owned for many years already. So, to help with all of that, I have decided to pick at least 3 per month to help me diversify the formats that I use.

πŸ“– Read (at least) 5 Science Fiction books for the entire year.

Almost everyone that knows me as a reader knows that I only read three things: romance, contemporary, and mystery/thrillers. This year, I want to change that by picking up a genre I haven’t read in a while. I know it’s out of my comfort zone, so my decision would be to at least pick 5 titles would be more than enough.

πŸ“– Read (at least) 5 Non-Fiction books for the entire year.

I have always been a fiction girl, but we’re trying to make 2021 a challenging one! This year, I’ll try to grab 5 non-fiction titles, perhaps true crime or self-help ones to give me some extra learning.

πŸ“– Read (at least) 3 classics.

I stray away from the classics because they remind me of required reading and the stress of doing book reports for school. Also, I always thought that classics are hard to understand and can be quite boring. However, one of the challenges I’m joining has The Great Gatsby as a prompt – so I thought, okay. Let’s make it more exciting by adding 2 more classics.. Just because.

πŸ“– Read (at least) 52 Books by POC authors.

In 2020, I’ve fully immersed myself in the bookish community, and if there is one thing that it taught me, it’s that my reading tastes were heavily influenced by the Western outlook. It’s something I want to improve on, and while there is a long way to go, I’m challenging myself to read 52 books by POC authors – half of my overall target for the year.

πŸ“– Read (at least) 25 books by Asian authors.

In 2020, I enjoyed joining the Year of the Asian reading challenge and was able to read 51 titles by Asian authors. However, the creators did not say anything about doing the challenge this year. That’s a little sad -but that will not stop me from challenging myself to read Asian titles. For now, I’m going with 25, but I’ll be pushing to maybe going further than that!

πŸ“– Finish all the reading challenges I am joining!

Reading challenges make choosing your next reads much more fun and exciting. This is why this year, I’ve decided to jump on 5 reading challenges:

I’ve linked the information pages so you can also check them out if you like!

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~ book reviewing ~

πŸ“– Reach 80% Netgalley ratio

Every Netgalley reviewer’s dream is to reach the golden reviewing ratio. Unfortunately, I am so far away from that goal (Read: 52%) and reaching that number would be the best achievement of my year, if ever. Thus, the reading ARCS challenge as seen above.

πŸ“– Post a review immediately after reading the book

I badly fell behind on reviewing this year, and there is one thing I’m sure is the reason behind it. Procrastinating on writing the reviews led me to not be able to start writing at all. We’re changing that this year by writing a review immediately after finishing the book!

πŸ“– Request ban from Edelweiss and Netgalley

Since I have a long journey before I reach the ratio I want, I am not in the mood to pile up new titles and get me buried again. So, for this, wewon’t rus into getting those new releases and we will comfortably spend time on the backlist.

πŸ“– Join a maximum of 2 Blog Tours in a month

I love joining blog tours and promoting new authors, but sometimes I join too many and the pressure becomes over the roof! So, to allow to give the best of me to the blog tours, I will be going with just one or two in a single month.

πŸ“– Post at least 2 backlist reviews in a week

I do not want to let the other titles I read last year and their memories fade into oblivion, so I still want to get my reviews up while I can still recall them. To be able to catch up to all of that, I am planning to write two a week until I complete them all!

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~ book buying ~

πŸ“– Set a book buying budget of Php 3,000 per month

I’ve spent quite a lot on books in the past year and I was not able to track them all. This year, I do not want that to happen again. I think a book buying ban is too much, so I am setting a buying limit instead.

πŸ“– Unhaul books in June 2021 and December 2021

I am doing this for my parents, who think I own too much books, while I think I own too little. So, by June and December, I will be unhauling the books I read but didn’t like, and I’ll use the earnings to buy more!

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~ bookish platforms ~

πŸ“– Upload 3 Bookstagram photos every week

I want to balance my time to all of my bookish social media this year. In 2020, I fell back on taking cute photos for bookstagram. This year, I’ll be setting a day to plan out the posts so this will not happen anymore!

πŸ“– Upload 3 blog posts every week

My blog has suffered a lot this 2020, but I am feeling very hopeful for this year. I have some ideas planed up – so hopefully, I will be able to do all of this for the rest of the year.

πŸ“– Upload 3 Booktube videos every week

This is something that I think I could do well in because of how I did Vlogmas quite successfully this year!

πŸ“– Create more reading vlogs

As much as I have been in Booktube for half a year now, I still feel a little shy when it is about doing the vlogging part beyond your usual sit-down videos. So, for something a little crazier, I would want to make vlogs more creatively than I did in 2020.

πŸ“– Create more blog posts aside from book reviews

Finally, I want to make this little corner of the internet much better and I hope to go beyond my usual book review posts. Hopefully, I get more ideas on how to jazz up this blog so I can provide much more insight into the community that has always been loving to me!

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Let’s talk! Let me know your thoughts!

πŸ“š What are your bookish goals for 2021?

πŸ“š Do you think setting number-based reading goals are motivational?

πŸ“š Are there particular bookish features you want me to do on this blog?

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This post has a video version that you can watch here:

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7 thoughts on “My 2021 Bookish Resolutions (11 days late but well~)

  1. Loved reading this post and this has totally inspired to write up my own bookish resolutions!! Reading more non-fiction would definitely be one of mine too. I ventured into a few last year (I Am Malala and Becoming) and really enjoyed them so I’d love to get to more in the future.

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