Young Sapphic Energy, Falling In Love & All That Drama // Book Review: Tell Me Again How A Crush Should Feel by Sara Farizan

Tell Me Again How A Crush Should Feel

Author: Sara Farizan

Published Date: October 7, 2014

Publisher: Algonquin Young Readers

Number of Pages: 304

Genre: Young Adult > LGBTQ > Contemporary Romance

Read as an audioboook via Scribd.

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Book Blurb from Goodreads

High-school junior Leila has made it most of the way through Armstead Academy without having a crush on anyone, which is something of a relief. Her Persian heritage already makes her different from her classmates; if word got out that she liked girls, life would be twice as hard. But when a sophisticated, beautiful new girl, Saskia, shows up, Leila starts to take risks she never thought she would, especially when it looks as if the attraction between them is mutual. Struggling to sort out her growing feelings and Saskia’s confusing signals, Leila confides in her old friend, Lisa, and grows closer to her fellow drama tech-crew members, especially Tomas, whose comments about his own sexuality are frank, funny, wise, and sometimes painful. Gradually, Leila begins to see that almost all her classmates are more complicated than they first appear to be, and many are keeping fascinating secrets of their own. 

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About the Author

Sara Farizan was born on August 2, 1984 in Massachusetts. Her parents immigrated from Iran in the seventies, her father a surgeon and her mother a homemaker. Sara grew up feeling different in her private high school not only because of her ethnicity but also because of her liking girls romantically, her lack of excitement in science and math, and her love of writing plays and short stories. So she came out of the closet in college, realized math and science weren’t so bad (but not for her), and decided she wanted to be a writer. She is an MFA graduate of Lesley University and holds a BA in film and media studies from American University. Sara has been a Hollywood intern, a waitress, a comic book/record store employee, an art magazine blogger, a marketing temp, and an after-school teacher, but above all else she has always been a writer. Sara lives near Boston, has a cool sister, loves Kurosawa films, eighties R&B, and graphic novels, and thinks all kids are awesome.

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“I want to stop living in fear. I want to stop coming up with excuses about why I’m not interested in dating. I want my family to know me. I want to get to learn more about Lisa. I want to stop feeling like everything I am is inadequate or makes me unworthy of love because of something I can’t help.”

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πŸ“š Series? No.
πŸ“š Genre? YA LGBT Romance.
πŸ“š Cliffhanger? No.

⚠ Content Warnings:  Outing a queer character. Biphobia. Girl on girl hate.
⚠ Book Tags :  Biracial relationships.

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My Book Rating Breakdown

🌼 Blurb:β­β­β­β­β˜†
🌼 Main Character:β­β­β­β˜†β˜†
🌼 Significant Other: β­β­β­β­β˜†
🌼 Support Characters:β­β­β­β­β˜†
🌼 Writing Style:β­β­β­β­β˜†
🌼 Character Development:β­β­β­β˜†β˜†
🌼 Romance: β­β­β­β˜†β˜†
🌼 Pacing: β­β­β­β˜†β˜†
🌼 Ending: β­β­β­β˜†β˜†
🌼 Unputdownability: β­β­β­β˜†β˜†
🌼 Book Cover:β­β­β­β­β˜†

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Flower for Yna's Spacer

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