My 2020 Bookish Resolutions (+ Saying My Thanks!)

Hey, (mood) readers!

I know this is something very late as we are already in the middle of 2020’s first month. But pardon from being busy and getting buried under all those blog tours! Whew!

Anyway, this is the first time I am starting off the year with blogging! This means that I will be able to get a more holistic view on how everything will look like throughout the entire year when we wrap the year up in December.

Despite all the bad in the world, I am actually feeling very hopeful for this year. And I am spreading all my hopeful juju to you all!

Without further ado, here’s how I am hoping to make my reading life better in 2020.

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My 2020 Bookish Resolutions

1. Reading Goal for 2020 : 104 Books

As I have set in my Goodreads account, I have decided to set my Goodreads Goal to 104 books for the entire year, which is basically reading 2 books a week. I think this goal will ease the pressure and allow me to enjoy my reading journey.

2. Requesting Less in Netgalley & Edelweiss

I introduced myself to the book blogging community in May 2018. That time, I encountered Netgalley and Edelweiss plus for the first time. Little naive me thought that it was impossible to get requests granted and went on a requesting spree, this had an impact of 157 books on my Netgalley shelf that is still a long way from completion until now. I actually have banned myself from requesting and will only request for one that I REALLY REALLY REALLY LIKE.

3. Managing the Blog Tours I Will Take On

If you have observed my recent posts, this full week has been straight blog tour posts. It was a mess and it was stressful for me to read through all the books before I was able to post reviews about them (and site my favorite) quotes. I promise myself to limit up to a maximum of 3 full review blog tours and focus on blitzes if I want to help along the community.

4. Read More Audiobooks

Last year I was able to enjoy a free month of using Scribd, and because of this, I have decided to keep my subscription. I do hope I can make the most of it and listen to a book a week.

5. Read More Physical Books

My physical books have been gathering dust because I find it harder, for some reason, to finish physical books. Maybe it’s because of my poor eyesight not matching my favorite reading position??? But, last year I had a few physical reads and I would like to at least read 10 physical books for the year.

6. Achieve 80% Rating on Netgalley aka Read All The Pending ARCs

2020 is not just about a personal ban on requesting ARCs, it is also catching up on all the ARCs I have not read. I have a lot of missed 2019 releases and I promise to catch up on that. I am hoping to read at least 50 of the 100 I have left.

7. Post More On Bookstagram

I always forget that I have Bookstagram. I prepare a set of photos to post but I always forget to post them anyway. I hope I will be able to be maintain my Bookstagram presence. I also want to interact with the community more. I do hope that I get to do that.

8. Read At Least 1 Non-Fiction Book

I have seen books as a form of escape, even when I was 7 years old. This is why I lean towards reading fiction, about 99.99 percent of the time. This year, I want to go out of my comfort zone, and at least 1 non-fiction book. Do you have a favorite one? Let me know your recommendations.

9. Post More Creative Bookish Blog Posts

I want to make my blog deliver more than my book reviews. Though I am still unsure about the way these would go, I am excited to think about other bookish extent I can talk about.

10. Fix My Blog Directory

My WordPress-hosted blog is still quite young. I made it last September, and there are lots of things that I have to work on. Hopefully, for the next 11 1/2 months, I will be able to make a review masterlist, an ‘About’ page, and a more appropriate blog navigation menu.

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I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for everything. From September to December 2019, I was able to discover a fun & supporting community with whom I have learned a lot from.

From nothing, my blog reached 4,947 views and I will forever be thankful for this.


Here’s to all the adventures we will encounter in 2020! Sending love to you all!

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What do you think about my plans?

Do you have any tips?

What are you planning for this 2020?

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, Yna the Mood Reader

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