I’m Joining The #ArmedWithABingo Reading Challenge!

Hey, (mood) readers!

I’m here to share that I am joining another year-long reading challenge. It’s #ArmedWithABingo hosted by Ariel and Kriti. Basically, we are given 24 reading prompts and they are all laid out bingo style! This great casual reading challenge also comes with some giveaways during quarterly check-ins.

Here’s what the bingo card looks like:

Yna's Bingo Board

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My Plans For #ArmedWithABingo

  1. I won’t be posing my TBR because I will also be using the book list I have provided for #StartYourShelfathon.
  2. My reading tracker will be a Twitter thread that will be updated every time I successfully complete a prompt.
  3. I will be doing quarterly blog posts about my progress, just like how would Kriti and Ariel.
  4. There are some prompts I am confused what books to choose, so please, please let me know your recommendations!

If you are eager to learn more, please visit the information post here. Registrations are open until the 15th of March, so you should consider joining the bingo!

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