Wishlist Wednesday #7: a ya contemporary in japan!

Hey, (mood) readers!

Wishlist Wednesday is where I talk about a book that I have not yet read and want to add to my book collection. It doesn’t matter if it had been published before or a future release. All that matters is that I want to read it.

By the way, my actual Book Depository Wishlist can be seen here , and my Amazon Wishlist can be seen here.

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For this Wednesday, 20th of November, my book pick is:

I Love You So Mochi by Sarah Kuhn

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Copy of Budding Trio - Canva Banner (2)

Click to Read About The Book BlurbKimi Nakamura loves a good fashion statement. She’s obsessed with transforming everyday ephemera into Kimi Originals: bold outfits that make her and her friends feel brave, fabulous, and like the Ultimate versions of themselves. But her mother sees this as a distraction from working on her portfolio paintings for the prestigious fine art academy where she’s been accepted for college. So when a surprise letter comes in the mail from Kimi’s estranged grandparents, inviting her to Kyoto for spring break, she seizes the opportunity to get away from the disaster of her life.

When she arrives in Japan, she loses herself in Kyoto’s outdoor markets, art installations, and cherry blossom festival–and meets Akira, a cute med student who moonlights as a costumed mochi mascot. What begins as a trip to escape her problems quickly becomes a way for Kimi to learn more about the mother she left behind, and to figure out where her own heart lies.


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Why Do I Want to Read This?

First off, look at this beautiful cover. I love it so much. One look at it and I am completely sold. I’ve seen from some Goodreads reviews that this is a sugary sweet read, and I am so passionate about trying to read more diverse reads, including this one. I have always fascinated by Japanese culture and it’s one of the countries I would love to visit within the next few years. Final thing that made me wish for this book: a character as a mochi mascot. This sounds cute. Ugh.

Copy of Budding Trio - Canva Banner (2)

Have you read this book?

Tell me your recommendations in the comments!

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