In the Palm by Elna Holst [37/100 * 2019]

In the PalmIn the Palm by Elna Holst
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Much thanks to NetGalley and Nine Star Press for this complimentary copy. This review is voluntary and opinions are fully my own.

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📖 Blurb via Goodreads 📖

Stranded on a tropical island, Dr No-Name has no mobile phone, no wallet, no keys, no passport. No left hand, no shoes and no memory. What she does have is a blister pack of nicotine gums, two minibar-sized bottles of whisky (consumed), and what appears to be an endless supply of coconuts. She can’t possibly get into any worse trouble, can she?
Loosely based off Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe, In the Palm gives a sapphic twist to the stranded-on-a-desert-island trope.

🖋 About the Author: Elena Holst

Often quirky, always queer, Elna Holst is an unapologetic genre bender who writes anything from lesbian lust and love stories to the odd existentialist horror piece. Find her on Instagram (@elnaholstwrites) or Goodreads (yes, you’re right here).

📚 Series: No.
📚 Genre: LGBTQ+ Adventure Romance
📚 POV: First person.
📚 Cliffhanger: No.

⚠ Content Warnings: Vivid description of amputation. Dead bodies.

In The Palm is my first Elena Holst read and I am very satisfied. This is a bit of a genre-bender and really got the wheels of my brain whirring.

“I am drunk and I am about to chop my hand off.”

One sentence in and you know you’re in for a good read. No-named character woke up in a deserted island with no recollection of how she came there, and even who she was.

After a few journeys, she stumbles upon a dog and another human (a human with limited vocabulary in French!) and their adventure unravels.

I really enjoyed this novella which is very Castaway-ish. Surprisingly, there was a number of hot scenes. And, I was even more surprised with the ending. Wink wink.


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☁ FINAL VERDICT: 3.63/5 ☁️

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