Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid [39/100 * 2019]

Daisy Jones & The SixDaisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Read as an audiobook. 

“It is what I have always loved about music. Not the sounds or the crowds or the good times as much as the words — the emotions, the stories, the truth — that you can let flow right out of your mouth.

Music can dig, you know? It can take a shovel to your chest and just start digging until you hit something.”

📖 Daisy Jones & The Six📖
🖋Taylor Jenkins Reid

📚 Series: No
📚 Genre: General Fiction
📚 POV: Multi POV
📚 Cliffhanger: No

⚠ Content Warnings: Recreational to Excessive Drug Use. Alcoholism. Infidelity.
⚠ Read if: you love music. Think: Fleetwood Mac.

I finished reading Daisy Jones and The Six about an hour ago, yet until now I cannot find the perfect words to share how much I loved the book. It is my 4th TJR read and I had to pick it up after almost everyone is talking about it whether they loved it or hated it.

I think multi-POV in an interview style set-up is really a hit or miss. So is a novel about a 70s rock band. But, I believe the best way this needs to be read is via the audiobook. The narrators, actors really, did an amazing job of getting all the emotions across. This full cast audio felt like watching a TV drama or a movie. It was really that good. Hands down, every narrator was perfect and really reflected how the characters would have felt if they were alive and speaking to you.

“We love broken, beautiful people. And it doesn’t get much more obviously broken and more classically beautiful than Daisy Jones.”

Taylor Jenkins Reid did an amazing job of molding characters like real people. Not only a band of six people and Ms. Daisy Jones but all the people who they interacted with and who mattered to them. The great thing about her writing is that you close the book and stop the audio but it feels like your heart got heavier because now you have love for a new number of people.

My thoughts about the characters:
🌼 Daisy Jones : a superstar, that’s it. Her pain is my pain, she is magnetic. She deserved better and I was happy how life turned out for her. She is a feminist queen who knows what she wants and works hard to get it. (view spoiler)
🌼 Billy Dunne : enigmatic, charming, creative genius, definitely loves his family, trying extremely hard to be the great guy people expect him to be. (view spoiler)
🌼 Graham Dunne : kind and supportive brother. He has so much love to give and definitely, definitely deserved better.
🌼 Karen Karen (Sirko) : a girl who knows what she wants, brave and strong, but maybe a little too insensitive
🌼 Warren : chill, cool and unproblematic
🌼 Pete : also unproblematic, just loyal and in love
🌼 Eddie : strong willed, a little too insecure, gave a little extra friction to the band
🌼 Camila : strong, loving and admirable. it’s not easy to let go & trust the man you love to make music & travel the world & be a rockstar.
🌼 Teddy : a great mentor and father figure to Billy, Daisy & the rest of the band.
🌼 Simone : a very loving and dependable friend. I wish she was around more to keep Daisy in check but she is a great friend and was there in her own way.

“No matter who you choose to go down the road with, you’re gonna get hurt. That’s just the nature of caring about someone. No matter who you love, they will break your heart along the way.”

I feel so passionate about my love for this book that I can talk about this for hours. The book made me see a real band with a very real journey with lots of real struggles. It made me remember so much of my fangirling about One Direction, which is very much a pop band turned pop rock, I guess. If Daisy and Billy remind you about Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie and Lindsey, Daisy & Billy reminded me of Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. Two people who were strongly attracted to each other there were sparks. Two people who each had partners at times and were very much forbidden to interact, let alone stay in the same room. Two people, who when on stage are drunk and high from the music, find themselves looking at the other when they do not notice, or singing to each other even when the crowds roar. Ugh, like I said, I can talk about this for hours.

Thank you so much, TJR, for giving me this experience. I am sure I will revisit this in the future and will continue to read all the books that you will write.

“Passion is…it’s fire. And fire is great, man. But we’re made of water. Water is how we keep living. Water is what we need to survive. My family was my water. I picked water. I’ll pick water every time.”

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