All the Worlds Between Us by Morgan Lee Miller [35/100 * 2019]

All the Worlds Between UsAll the Worlds Between Us by Morgan Lee Miller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Much thanks to NetGalley, Broad Strokes Books, Inc. and Morgan Lee Miller for this complimentary copy. This review is voluntary and opinions are fully my own.

“There are so many ways to love, and we need more love in this world. Whatever form that might be.”

📖 Blurb via Goodreads 📖

Seventeen-year-old Quinn Hughes needs to be in top shape if she wants to medal at the swimming World Championships in ten months. This means no easy distractions, no matter how pretty they are.
She’s still piecing her confidence back together after not qualifying for the Olympics, her relationship with her twin brother is getting worse the more he hangs out with the popular kids, and then Kennedy Reed suddenly squeezes herself back into Quinn’s life. The girl who was her best friend. The girl who gave Quinn her first kiss. The girl who hasn’t spoken to her since.
Soon, Quinn finds herself juggling her new girlfriend, training for the biggest competition of her life, and discovering she’s not the only Hughes twin with a crush on Kennedy Reed. All these distractions are getting to her, and if she wants that medal she needs to find a way to stop drowning on dry land.

🖋 About the Author: Morgan Lee Miller

Morgan Lee Miller started writing at the age of 5 in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, where she learned to entertain herself by writing her first few novels all by hand (Don’t worry, she doesn’t do this anymore). She majored in journalism and creative writing from Grand Valley State University.
Her writing background has led her to work in advocacy and fundraising for LGBTQ+ and animal welfare nonprofits in Washington, D.C, where she currently resides with her two feline children that she’s unapologetically obsessed with.

📚 Series: No.
📚 Genre: LBGTQ+ YA (as per Goodreads but I think should be NA) Romance
📚 POV: First person.
📚 Cliffhanger: No, but written with an open ending.

⚠ Content Warnings: Forced outing. Homophobia. Underage Drinking. Consensual sex (quite descriptive for a YA read).

All the Worlds Between Us is a promising YA debut from Morgan Lee Miller. I have to admit it is one of my first f/f reads, and it is quite enlightening to view a relationship in a young lesbian’s eyes. The great thing about this read is the influence of sports, specifically swimming, in the life of the main character and having it a large factor in her decision making throughout her senior year.

Quinn is a high school senior slash amazing world class swimming athlete. She has achieved so much at such a young age and is still facing heavy-bearing (Olympics level) meets in the near future plus landing College athletic scholarship grants. This equate no distractions, no holds barred training in the distant future.

But, life gets in the way. Ex bestfriend Kennedy Reed is squeezing her way back to Quinn’s life. Twin brother Liam might also have feelings for Kennedy. Ex girlfriend Riley also might be trying to win Quinn back.

This is such an amazing YA read because of how admirable Quinn is. She is out and proud of it. She knows herself and what she wants. Her parents are the sweetest and backs her up. She has groups of friends, too.

The relationship she has with Kennedy is also eye-opening, as Kennedy is not really out yet. It is a journey of giving support to your partner and being patient as coming out is a different experience for every individual.

All in all, this is a great YA contemporary. Light and fun but also very angsty. Also with a surprisingly steamy descriptive sex scenes for a YA, almost written as New Adult. Best part for me I think is how mature Quinn handled romantic life decisions in the face of all the changes awaiting her.


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☁FINAL VERDICT: 3.72/5 ☁

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